For those who wants to leave their footprints, to be one step closer to excellence. 

A restaurant for beautiful moments and unforgettable memories. Experience the unmistakable taste of two worlds. A showcase for nature's bounty. Our cuisine knows no boundaries. It is important to us to combine the environment, excellent products from Taiwan's mountains, fields, river and sea, with cosmopolitanism.

Thomas Büehner
Michelin 3-Star chef

In our philosophy, we wrote: "we want to awaken beautiful memories in the guest and create unforgettable new ones." We wish our guests enjoy the fine dining experience. It's our main and sole objective.

Xavier Yeung
Executive Chef

As a guest, you give meaning to everything we do. Your expectations, curiosity, appetite make us happy and demand our best.

Class is cooperation

Together with the kitchen and service team, we are always exchanging ideas, constantly trying and discussing new things. That drives creativity. It is precisely because there are different opinions, ideas and approaches that we create great dishes. It's a process of constant optimization, and everyone is involved. We have a clear vision of how our kitchen and service should be, what our culinary art and hospitality should be. How this is achieved in detail is the joint work of the team. And we like to show that in our glass kitchen.