La Vie by Thomas Bühner

We want to provide a new and contemporary European fine dining experience. Thomas is expecting to open new chapter of his more than 30-year gastronomy experience via La Vie by Thomas Bühner. Inherited the name of his restaurant in Germany and combined with Thomas Bühner’s full name, this is the only restaurant of Thomas worldwide currently.



The mountains, the river, the sea, the forests—opens a treasure chest of creativity in me. I incorporate nature, farmers and producers into my cuisine, influenced by my experiences and the cooking style of Europe. Our cooking combines products from Taiwan with the best from all over the world. Products transform into ideas. I have a picture in my head of how a dish will look and taste. It is like a concert with many instruments: Each flavor is important, and together they are unique. I want to convey that quality to the guest. Clear, pure and minimal. Unforgettable.


Not always, not everything,
but always the best

The seasons are our natural limits. They make up the quality of products, wherever they come from. These items reveal their origin, their growth, their maturing and their culmination through my cooking. In this way, we want to awaken beautiful memories in the guest and create unforgettable new ones.


Fire, Air, Earth, Water

Our pattern that can be seen in the restaurant creates visual impression. Fire, Air, Earth, Water – the four elements are the MUST of nature and of La Vie.

4 elements